From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: Front Shock on my 1925 Deluxe Date:Mon May 20 18:05:01 2019
Response to:7069
One of Ace's past employees once told me that the Ace
fork shock felt more like a piece of wood, which I
totally agreed with. He couldn't afford an Ace even
though he worked at the factory in Philadelphia, but rode
a Reading Standard sidecar outfit. One day Bill
Henderson borrowed his RS to run an errand. My friend
said that about 2 weeks later, the Ace forks suddenly
became softer. Gee? I wonder? In my stash of parts, I
have two different spring rates for Ace.


there's compression and rebound springs, remember the
existing springs were built for very rough roads, when i
did my ace ones i lightened up the springs quite a bit as
i'm not riding on mud ruts shared by horse and carts
simply. just make sure if your spring maker makes some
newer ones that if all is fully compressed is doesn't
bottom out and the front tyre jam on the mudguard... long
shot but need to mention it.