From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: A Little Help Needed With Across America by Motor-Cycle Date:Mon Mar 25 11:57:22 2019
Response to:7023
Hi Mark,
A friend of mine did this on his 1914 Harley in 2014. He
did it solo, no support truck or organized help along the
way. the support consisted of some shelving with numbered
boxes which he carried an index of. If he needed anything
from the shelf the arrangement was for me to post it to
him at whatever location he wanted.
He did have a contact in NY to help in receiving his bike
and getting the final prep done before setting off. It
might have been a contact through the AMCA. I did ship
him a tire, he was running clinchers at the time, to Utah
but he brought it back unmounted when he arrived back at
our shop on the SF Peninsula.
Let me check with him and see if he is willing to talk to
to about his journey.


Last weekend I posted a message like this one on the AMCA
"Parking Lot Chatter" forum. I am still looking for a few
good... people... so I am hopeful you will excuse this
brief interruption...........