From:Mark Hunnibell
Subject:A Little Help Needed With Across America by Motor-Cycle Date:Sun Mar 24 16:20:33 2019

Last weekend I posted a message like this one on the AMCA "Parking Lot Chatter" forum. I am still looking for a few good... people... so I am hopeful you will excuse this brief interruption.

My name is Mark Hunnibell. If you havenít already heard, I am undertaking a centennial tribute ride across America on my restored 1919 Henderson.

One hundred years ago, Captain C.K. Shepherd, who served in the British Royal Air Force in WWI, decided that he would spend his summer after the war by riding across America. C.K. came to America, purchased a brand new 1919 Henderson in New York City and then rode to Los Angeles and San Francisco, all at a time when paved roads were few and far between. C.K. wrote a book about his journey, Across America by Motor-Cycle, published in 1922. I have remastered and completely reset his original book resulting in superior print, eBook, and a professionally-recorded audio book. I have painstakingly researched C.K.ís route, seeking permission from private land owners, government agencies, and others in order to faithfully retrace it this year. Some of route remains unpaved to this day!

I am posting about this major solo adventure here and now because it seems I could use some logistical assistance along the way, particularly at the starting point in New York City from July 2nd through the 5th (where parking, storage, and even just riding are all extremely challenging). If anybody lives in the New York City or New Jersey area and has a motorcycle, and is interested in riding with me as something of a ďsafety riderĒ to help guide and protect me from the treacherous NYC traffic during this portion of the mission, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, while I may have a few leads for storage/transporting my motorcycle in NYC for the couple nights that Iíll be there, I have nothing firmed up as of yet. If anyone has (or knows of) those kinds of resources and would be gracious enough to help me out a bit, I would be forever grateful (Iím not looking for hotel accommodations... just logistics).

I am hoping there are many other members like me who dream of putting together a bucket-list solo adventure ride like this one is going to be for me. Perhaps you have already completed a similar journey by yourself or with others. I do not have a pre-existing staff or support team to help with this once-in-a-lifetime event, so I look forward to hearing from fellow Henderson enthusiasts if you might have the time to help out with whatever you might be able to offer, no matter how brief or lengthy your ability to engage might be. My new web site is still being readied, but you can get the gist of this adventure (and route overview) here:

This is an intentionally broad appeal so that you may better envision where you think you can help out.

Even if you want to virtually go along for the ride or be updated as the ride goes forward, there's a simple form on the web site to sign up to get updates as well as links to the Facebook page (if you "Like" it, you'll be notified as to new posts), Youtube (just added my video from Daytona Bike Week, but if you subscribe, you'll get notified of the next video), Instagram, etc., but please feel free to contact me directly if you like.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mark Hunnibell