Subject:RE: Fuel taps Date:Sun Jan 6 10:49:41 2019
Response to:6987
Hello Rick,
Do it the Dutch way, Teflon tip, viton O ring, extention
for not burning your fingers.
This is the last one i have.
See the picture.Happy New Year, Theo

What is everyone doing for leaky fuel taps?
Chris' Streamline is leaking just enough to be a PIA and
make a mess. I was hoping a new float and needle in the
carb would be enough of a boost to help the leaky tap but
no such luck.
Seems like any modern replacement looks like brass billet.
On the plus side at least they'd be pretty hidden under the
I've also run across some cast valves but they're a 1/4
turn ported type of valve, not a screw in needle valve.

Also still looking for the chrome hood on the instrument


btw, Happy New Year!