From:Allan Barrett
Subject:Re 1928 401 Date:Wed Oct 31 03:29:16 2018
Response to:6846

Where are you located and how much do you want for your 401?
Hi everyone

I have a 1928 Indian 401 for sale. Single downtube. Sporting solo.

Serial Number DA17X. Proper DLX 57 carb. Repro dash gauge and switch. Proper
headlight and tailight. This machine is Stunnung

100% restored. Bike was purchased from Richard Morris and Pat James and was an
extremely nice chassis with a busted motor.

2 years to bring it back to life.

I believe this is the first 4 with a front brake making it a great CB 18 machine.

Speedo and oil gauge have optional lighting.

Not cheap. Video of the running machine is available.