From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Oil Line Ferrules Date:Mon Jul 30 19:42:19 2018
Response to:6905
I received a message from Tom today saying he's on military duty in Latin America, and won't return until mid-August. So if you're looking for him, you'll have to wait.

Something else I'm looking for is a Tracey Snap-Jack. Mine broke recently (I had the bike on the SnapJack, kicked it to start, and suddenly it started leaning to the left. Fortunately, I had my hands on the handlebars, so it didn't lean too far!

Underneath the black paint, it's a brass casting, and it just cracked. No easy (or at least strong) was to repair it. The rear stand works fine, but man, is it ever inconvenient. Tracey had the right idea!


I think that Tom Fichau makes these. Billk

Does anyone have a source for the ferrules on the KJ oil lines? The ferrule on my tee-fitting to oil pressure gauge line done cracked. It was a "field-fitted" copper item, unlike the standard steel ferrule assembly.