From:eric smith
Subject:RE: Otis Spiker Date:Tue Jun 26 16:32:33 2018
Response to:6866
Just to keep this interesting thread, on an interesting man active. I had heard Otis had been a stand-up comedian at one point in his colorful life. I would love to hear more about this theatrical facet of Mr. Spiker's life.

Doing some research in some old AMCA magazines from 1977 Medina, Ohio meet on Doc Cleveland's farm, I found this photo of Otis Spiker. Unfortunately I'm old enough that I was at this meet, riding my Suzuki T500 in from grad school.

Otis was a character. Some members didn't care for him but he was a Henderson guy through and through, and ran the Henderson Restoration Society. Always saw him chomping down on a cigar.