From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: Otis Spiker Date:Mon Jun 25 19:22:29 2018
Response to:6886

Another old AMCA member Im writing about is Ben Chesney. Before we
had the motorcycle Cannonball, we had Ben. Hed rode his Indian 101
Scout from his home in St. Louis to many of the east coast meets. His big
rides took him through Mexico and into Central America. He even wanted
to ride to the Artic Circle. When he was denied that excursion, he turned
around and headed to the southern tip of South America, only to have the
rainy season in Panama halt him. Love these tough old birds.
Doug, I think it is great of you to keep people like Otis Spiker in view. He
was our last real, and direct link to Henderson, and Excelsior. He actually
knew Ignaz Schwinn, Frank Schwinn, and the brilliant engineers,
machinists, assemblers, dealers, and customers that made Henderson,
and Excelsior the 3rd powerhouse in American motorcycling.

Doing some research in some old AMCA magazines from 1977 Medina,
Ohio meet on Doc Cleveland's farm, I found this photo of Otis Spiker.
Unfortunately I'm old enough that I was at this meet, riding my Suzuki T500
in from grad school.

Otis was a character. Some members didn't care for him but he was a
Henderson guy through and through, and ran the Henderson Restoration
Society. Always saw him chomping down on a cigar.