From:Eric Smith
Subject:RE: Otis Spiker Date:Mon Jun 18 18:20:42 2018
Response to:6866
I can add to your Otis Spiker anecdotes, Doug. When Charlie Carter was the editor of the 'Antique Motorcycle' he made the mistake of telling Otis that he had to request permission to use AMCA material in his Henderson Restoral Society Bulletins. Otis got so pissed that he banned Charlie from buying anything from his catalog.

Doing some research in some old AMCA magazines from 1977 Medina, Ohio meet on Doc Cleveland's farm, I found this photo of Otis Spiker. Unfortunately I'm old enough that I was at this meet, riding my Suzuki T500 in from grad school.

Otis was a character. Some members didn't care for him but he was a Henderson guy through and through, and ran the Henderson Restoration Society. Always saw him chomping down on a cigar.