From:Thomas Fickau
Subject:Grease Gun Adaptor Head Tool For Flat-Topped Fittigs Date:Thu Jun 7 01:12:38 2018

I have taken the time to take a few photos and post them of the grease gun adaptor tool I offer.

These are a VERY accurate reproduction of the original gun head available in the 1920's and 1930's.
The flat top grease fittings were standard issue during that time on many makes of vehicle including Indian, Henderson, Excelsior and Harley Davidson.

This particular tool can be connected directly to a dedicated standard grease gun in your shop or...the standard modern grease fitting can be installed and then the tool can be connected to the end of your modern grease gun and then to the flat-topped grease fitting.

Small enough to be easily carried in your motorcycle's toolbox for use during any point during your ride.

I have been offering these for sale for over 15 years now and have had no complaints IF the tool is pulled on to the button head smoothly and squarely.

I DO NOT WANT TO AND WILL NOT take orders off of the KJ Exchange site. This is NOT the place for doing so. If you would like to make an inquiry or purchase you need to contact me using MY E-MAIL ADDRESS which has been listed.

This is a multiple Cannonball event proven tool !!!!

Thomas Fickau
Fickau Prototypes, L.L.C.