From:Thomas Fickau
Subject:RE: Questions on cables Date:Mon Jun 4 10:17:13 2018
Response to:6861
I can supply accurate replacement parts for your cables and any missing parts for same.
I also am the source of the grease gun adaptor heads for the flat style grease button heads common to Henderson, Harley and Indian motorcycles of the 20's and early 30's.
They screw right on to a common store bought grease gun that you already probably have around your shop.

Hi All,

Iíve had my 1930 KJ Henderson for over 35 years. It was a barn find so I got lucky with a complete bike. About 15 years ago I took it apart to restore it. It is now almost back together. Iíve test run the rebuilt engine for a short runs. I sure wished Iíd taken a lot more pictures when I started to take it apart.

I wonder if anyone out there lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with a restored 1930 Henderson that I can look at.
Things I need to look at:
1. How to mount the kick stand spring. Maybe Iíve got the wrong spring.
2. Routing the throttle and ignition advance cables under the gas tank. Iím not sure if Iím missing some parts. It is possible that I never really operated the ignition advance. When I rode it years ago others said just to live the ignition in the advanced position.

Also I have some questions like when checking the oil. Is the bike on the side stand or center stand?
Where do you purchase a grease gun for those button head grease fittings found all over the bike?

What colors were available in 1930? When I got mine it was painted white. At the time I thought the color maroon looked better. Now I wonder if I should have done more research.

One last question, how many Hendersons are in the San Francisco Bay Area? Many years ago when I rode my Henderson to an antique motorcycle show/swap meet 3-5 Hendersons sometime showed up. I rarely ever see a Henderson anymore.

Hopefully my Henderson will be running later this summer.