From:jerry Etzel
Subject:NEW Henderson saddle for sale Date:Mon May 21 11:41:54 2018
Almost seven years ago Steve Ciccalone asked me to produce a saddle for the early Long Tank Henderson Deluxe.
Previously Steve sold me a very original long tank project, complete with a superb original saddle. He also provided the remains of another saddle that was the source of patterns for the hardware for the seat project.
Before Steve's death in 2011, I constructed new seat pans and produced the 'hard parts' and hardware that would be needed to make 10 saddles. Steve and I were both pleased with the results.
Steve sudden passing left me with little interest in the project and all things Henderson.

Early this year I looked at the boxes of parts and decided that it was time to complete the task that was begun so long ago.

The results have been quite spectacular. I went to Oley and showed off the first fo the finished saddles to a few Henderson owners.

Pictures attached can not illustrate the beauty of the finished saddled. The are are close to the original as can be done. From the unseen components to the beautiful stitching and embossed logos, these are beautiful seats.

If anyone has a need for a new saddle, please send an email and I will provide more photos.

At present, all saddles are black, per Steve Ciccalone's instructions. It may be possible to have one covered in brown leather, but you need to talk to me.

Saddles will be $650.

Jerry Etzel