Subject:RE: Pics of Grandfather Cop on 24 Henderson Date:Thu May 17 19:16:35 2018
Response to:6847

How big is your house?

Sorry, didn't attached pics to my last post. Here are a few of them.

Again, my grandfather was badge #7 Beverly Hills PD. He was one of the
first two bike cops on the force. Died of complications after being shot but
it took a couple of years after the incident before he passed.

I have his uniform & badge, but not the department issued revolver. Would
like to find a Henderson that doesn't come with a large 'ransom' as I know
they aren't cheap. It would be neat to have his stuff and pics with a
Henderson to pass down to my son. His son (my father) passed last year
so I ended up with my Grandfather's police items. It would be even more
fun to ride a Henderson occasionally knowing that my Grandfather rode
one daily. (now I know where I got the bug for bikes and fast vehicles!)

A little side note about the BH PD... One of the forensic investigators in the
Beverly Hills PD that found me this pic informed me that the reason the
force went with the Henderson was because it was the only vehicle that
could keep up with the celebrities driving Duisenbergs of the day. My
Grandfather is on the bike to the right side of the photo. We have other
pics but this forum only allows one pic per post.

Let me know if you know of a 24 to 28 for sale w/o mortgaging my house!