From:Mark L Hunnibell
Subject:RE: RE: Henderson 4 Cylinder Date:Wed Feb 28 14:33:10 2018
Response to:6787
I seems conspicuous that there is no easily discoverable evidence that "Maxwell Macson" exists anywhere else than in this post and in a new "profile" he established >>yesterday at 01:36 PM<< on the Antique Automobile Club of America forum:

This and the fact that I wrote directly to him over five hours ago informing him I might be interested, but wanted to see a few more photos. NO REPLY (checked all my spam folders too).

Seems odd... he is advertising something he does not possess or own (at a price that seems rather low given the claim of its functionality). It seems he may expect to be able to get people to send him "deposits" that he intends to run away with?

Mark Hunnibell

This is a scam. I hope someone can find this guy and arrest him. This
motor is in my shop and not for sale.

This is a extremely RARE 1918 Henderson 4 Cylinder. These engines
aren't often found together like this so take this opportunity if you want an
early piece of motorcycle history. Complete Engine. It has the Schebler
carburetor, correct manifold and complete ignition system. Pulled the cover
on front, it looks good and turns freely. The engine is running. It was in a
barn since 1962, covered. with lots of other Indian parts and motorcycles

Asking $3,100