From:Gene Harper
Subject:RE: '29 SX Date:Sun Dec 31 11:36:52 2017
Response to:6738
Well, since there are no answers.......

Here is what I would do: First, I assume you have a
standard piston to start with for comparison. If not, you
will need one. Look at the sales brochure that has a picture
of the standard and Super Sport pistons side by side. Make a
photo copy and blow it up until the standard piston image
matches a known dimension on the original piston. Then
simply measure the other piston to get your dimensions for
compression height. No, it won't be exact but will get you
very close. From there, add material to a standard piston
with clay and try the fit to be sure it works.

I've done this a number of times in building a short coupled
X roadster in order to get frame, muffler, header pipe and
linkage dimensions. It works for me!



Hello and happy season ,
Will somebody please tell me the compression height
of the hi-comp pistons of the super sport X?