From:John Yushkevich
Subject:RE: KJ alternative exhaust system Date:Fri Dec 22 10:23:35 2017
Response to:6735
Hi Christain,
I purchased the attached zoomer exhaust from Replicant Metals,
Haven't installed it yet but it looks pretty trick!
Quality is nice too.

Hi Folks,
I am currently restoring a Henderson KJ that has been sold new in Hamburg, Germany. My bike was on the road until the mid 1960's. After that it has been dismantled and stored. The owner of the bike sold it and unfortunately, a few house moves later, some parts have been lost before I got the KJ. This includes the exhaust system. A while ago I came across an exhaust, that was more of the style, that Indian used on its Four of those days. Can anybody let me know, if this was an optional exhaust from the Henderson works or maybe an aftermarket extra? Are they still availiable somewhere?