From:jerry etzel
Subject:Deluxe Hub and quill questions Date:Wed Nov 29 10:28:58 2017
I received this response this am. Helpful information. Still would like to know bearing numbers for small quill, early hub configuration.

I recently removed a small quill and bearings from an 18" Drop Center wheel from a Super X.
It uses the same as a Deluxe/KJ/Super X front wheel quill.
Race: 09194
Bearing: 09074
(I have a couple NOS small quills that are Right Hand Thread. Others, LHT. Interesting.)

Rear Large Quill. (anybody make these? I am out of stock, I have to use the small ones on my next couple builds)
Race: 07204
Bearing: 07098

In the Deluxe parts book, Photo #624 listing, Part # K-818, a conversion kit for Timkin from ball bearings. If you have an early Deluxe hub, say '21-'23?, you may need a race to fit your hub. Is the 1920 K Model rear hub different?? There may be a conversation about this on the message forum. I remember conversations with Toney and Steve about this very thing.