From:jerry Etzel
Subject:RE: Deluxe Hub and quill questions Date:Tue Nov 28 13:35:55 2017
Response to:6717

Photo attached this time?

I need a little help sorting out early (1923) vs later Deluxe hub parts

I put my '26 wheels on my '23 a number of years ago. I did not have complete
front and rear for my '23 at the time.

The rear hub in the picture came from Steve Ciccalone. I never had a chance
to ask him about Bearings. Now I am trying to sort out proper roller bearings
and quill. I assumed that I could fit a current Timken bearing. So far I have not
found one that will fit the smaller quill or the larger one that that I have.

I can machine the early hub for bearings I can buy. I just want to do this
without machining the hub if someone can help identify proper parts.

Hope this makes sense.