From:Mike Lynch
Subject:RE: Removing a Henderson deluxe flywheel/clutch from crank Date:Sat Nov 25 20:39:52 2017
Response to:6714
Once the crank/ flywheel/ clutch assembly is out of the motor, you can
remove the clutch by removing the 8 screws that hold on the outer ring.
The clutch hub will slip off the end of the crank. Remove all the plates and
expose the botls that hold the flywheel onto the crank. You will have to
press the small bevel gear from the clucth hub to work on the throwout
bearing. Using too much heat can anneal the bearing races an take your
bearings out of round.

I am trying to remove a rusted henderson deluxe flywheel/ clutch assembly
from a crank . It is rusty but can cleanup .
I assume the key is to remove the nut behind the throwout bearing but even
with heat , it wont budge .
Any other suggestions or ways to disassemble ?????thanks