Subject:RE: 1930 Henderson KJ for sale Date:Fri Nov 17 11:33:10 2017
Response to:6705
Sorry that the pics did not load properly to the website
the other day when I posted my 1930 KJ for sale. Here is
a pic of it. I have others that I can send via e-mail.


I happen to own a Henderson KJ that I have kept in
storage and hoped to restore one day. As frequently
happens, life gets in the way of one’s plans and I am
looking to sell it. I have attached a few pics for anyone
that might be interested.

It was originally sold to me as a 1929 KJ model, but in
comparing the serial numbers on your website, it appears
to be a 1930 model. It is fairly complete which is why I
bought it originally. It does need a generator and the
dash cluster. All the fins on the motor are there and the
engine case has never been broken.

The bike is from California and spent 40+ years in
Pheonix, so it has little rust on it other than from my
storing it in Wisconsin. It also has the original
Schebler carb, but no carb cover. The vehicle # is:
KJ33229. I do have a title for the bike. It was last
titled in 1973. According to the title, it is a
Henderson…..Model CI. I am not sure why they are calling
it that as I am somewhat familiar with Hendersons but
have never heard of a CI designation.

I am asking $30,000.00 for the bike, but would entertain
reasonable offers below that. Interested buyers can
contact me by e-mail.