Subject:RE: 1928 front break Date:Fri Nov 3 10:50:21 2017
Response to:6693

Up on the wall of Fourth Coast Fours shop is a period picture of a deluxe in
England? with a front brake. The picture came from a vendor at Rhinebeck a few
years ago.
I have a 27 deluxe with a sidecar and simply added a brake to the sidecar wheel
which is something you can do. I used a 28, 29 Harley which works great. I like
to clean look of the deluxe fork with no brake but do intend to add one as in
that picture when I get some spare time . LOL
Like to add a front break to my 1925 sidecare bike.
looks like a 1928 would be an easy fix.
Like to get what you want to give up to help me get stopped on the hills in
Western Pa.
Also anyone making rear break drum ?

Thanks for any help