From:Darryl Cutter
Subject:RE: 1928 front break Date:Mon Oct 30 13:54:33 2017
Response to:6693

Just so you know, I had the same idea of putting a '28 to 31 Henderson front
brake set-up on my '24 Deluxe. It took over a year to find all the parts and a
fair bit of money. I probably should have broken out the tape measure first
because the Deluxe forks won't accept the KJ front wheel brake. The Deluxe
forks are too narrow. Henderson basically took a front hub and added a brake
drum to the outside of it. Much too wide for the Deluxe fork.


Like to add a front break to my 1925 sidecare bike.
looks like a 1928 would be an easy fix.
Like to get what you want to give up to help me get stopped on the hills in
Western Pa.
Also anyone making rear break drum ?

Thanks for any help