From:Matthew Smith
Subject:RE: RE: Henderson Motorcycle Company, St Louis Date:Tue Oct 3 13:01:52 2017
Response to:6686
It is a passing of the torch in a way. I remember buying parts from Bill and Steve in the early 90s. And yes Mike was my dad! Thanks for the memory

I'm almost shedding a tear over this as it is kind of a homecoming for my
My KJ I purchased from Bill as one of his project bikes around the mid 90's
and my Deluxe I purchesed as a 80% project bike prior to that in the late
80's from Mike, who I believe was your father.
Good luck with your addition to your business.

Hello All,

Matthew here at Antique Motorcycle Works. We recently bought out The
Henderson Motorcycle Company of St Louis. Steve and Bill did a great job
all these years making and selling parts for our old Hendersons. I have set
up a new website featuring all of the parts they offered, including many Nos
parts, and the parts we have been making here. It is a work in progress so
check it out and let me know what you think.

Happy Hendersoning!