From:Andrew Blake e-mail:andrew.blake@laposte.netUMPQMECC
Subject:RE: ioe engine dating Date:Tue Oct 3 05:08:03 2017
Response to:6675

hi folks, have a cut engine here with 3415 on the bearings.
what year do you think it is?

Hello Graeme, according to Ballaks' list the engine must be
a '15 and if so the bores would be 2 5/8", with central
spark plug holes. With my '17 case the N is stamped,
pretty approx., to the right of the timing hole in a size
larger than the later ones on the raised boss. I have an
"E" crankshaft, pref. to swap. Are there any specifically
NZ Henderson books? "Best of" for your projects.