From:Mark Hill
Subject:ACE FRAMES Date:Fri Aug 25 07:56:55 2017
Good Morning . We have begun the process of recreating the 1920-1928 single down tube frames. They will be exacting and expensive. If you have interest, please do not hesitate to email me privately.

As some of you may have witnessed at Oley this year, we brought five new Detroit Henderson frames to market. All frames are sold, and now, five more Detroit Henderson engines will be running in new frames built to factory specifications. Workmanship and a price point presentation will be able to be viewed by potential buyers through a private power point presentation.

There are lots of stalled projects out there due to the lack of frames. Most of the original stuff is blitzed, and the cost of re-tubing with original forgings or castings has driven this market along with the survival rate of original engines/cut off engines.

Forks for the Ace frame project will follow. We are currently constructing Detroit Henderson front forks. Ace forks will follow. This will happen. I have not posted much on this forum in many years. If you look back at the strands that I have posted, KJ cylinders, new crankshafts, new connecting rods, etc., 4th Coast has a reputation for producing and we are proud to be involved in this project with Nate Jacobs of Harlot Motorcycles. Ace frames will be available exclusively through 4th Coast along with Detroit Henderson Frames and forks. Nate is as committed as I am to preserving and advancing four cylinder motorcycles. We currently are building 6 new Ace frames. 4 are spoken for already and are sold. Price will be approximately $20,000. Think of a Harlot/4th Coast Frame as a Bretling watch; functional and beautiful. Thank you for your consideration. Please email me at