From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: Pulling Rear Wheel Date:Mon Jul 31 11:29:41 2017
Response to:6654
It's been a while but I don't recall having to disconnect
any wiring. I believe there is a way to pivot the fender up
without removing it completely. Most of the hardtailed
bikes have a hinged fender or are designed for it to pivot
up. I use a bungee cord to hold it up while manuevering the
wheel out and in.
I also work on a lift with a removable rear drop out so
that could have come into play as well. I also do not think
the rear wheel stand was high enough to use it alone.

I need to replace the inner tube on my KJ. Having never
had the pleasure of removing the rear wheel, I'd like to
hear some useful advice on the subject. Primarily, to pull
the wheel, I need to displace the rear fender. I assume it
must be pulled upward. Can I lift it up and hang the
fender with a rope so I don't have to disconnect any