From:Don Ahrens
Subject:RE: Zenith T4X Carb Parts Date:Mon Jul 17 09:07:10 2017
Response to:6629
It appears that I have a T4 on my 1924 DeLuxe motor. So, I
am in need of either the T4 or a T4X carb. If anyone has
one for sale, I'm interested.

I am in need of some parts for a Zenith T4X carburetor, as

Part # c-43 Air Shutter Shaft 3/16 x 2 12/42
Part# d1460 x 1 Air Shutter Lever
Part# d1557 Air Shutter Lever Clamp Screw
Part # c 71x22 Union Body Fiber Washer

This is for a 1924 Henderson. Any assistance or guidance
is greatly appreciated.