From:Gene Harper
Subject:RE: Splitdorf DU1 Generator Date:Wed Jun 7 01:30:59 2017
Response to:6596
According to the list Steve Blancard put out many years
ago, a CW rotating DU-1 would fit 1920-21 ACE and 20-21

Also, in another article, Steve discusses changing rotation
of Splitdorf generators and states that it is not possible
to change rotation on a DU-1 unless the armature is rewound
or replaced with the correct rotation as the armatures are
wound specifically for each rotation. It is quite easy to
change rotation on a DU-5 and a bit more involved on a DU-7
but doable. I've never tried to change rotation of a DU-1
but in theory, it should work, similar to doing so on a DU-
5 or 7.

Here is a link to my web site showing Steve's list of
applications for Splitdorf generators:

And the article on changing rotation:

Gene Harper

Hi, I have a spare Splitdorf DU1 generator for sale.
I'm not exactly sure of the machine it would suit. The unit
is a clockwise model. All internals are standard with 3
brush arrangement and centrifugal switch and battery cut
Condition looks very good.
Might be able to be configured for anti-clockwise operation
if 3rd brush removed and used in conjunction with a
suitable electronic regulator. I'm sure someone could
confirm this.
I would appreciate it if anyone could advise on what
machines this was fitted on as it might help find a good
home for it.
Thanks Mick Lucioni