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Yes I am AMCA member and will be at Denton
this week. Appreciate the link to the
manual.Thanks Mark, and thanks to all for
the feedback.

There is no pressurized oil system on the
1919. It is a "total loss" system that
lubricates itself with splash "paddles" that
are part of the connecting rod caps. The
operation of that pump, which is pretty much
just a recirculating pump, as well as the
"auxiliary oil valve" is described in the
manual titled, "Instructions for Operation
and Care of Henderson Four-Cylinder
Motorcycles 1919 Model Z-2" some excerpts of
which follow [I have inserted one note to
make clear the location of the location of
an adjusting screw]:
Lubrication of the Henderson motor is by
means of the mechanical plunger pump, driven
by worm gear, which automatically feeds oil
in proportion to speed. This is correctly
adjusted for normal use at the factory.

If radical changes in conditions, or use of
different grade of oil, should call for
change of oil feed, the pump can be adjusted
by turning the screw at the lower end of the
pump. [note from me: this is the screw that
is vertical and sticks out of the bottom of
the pump assembly]

To cause the pump to feed more oil, turn
this screw a trifle to the left, screwing it

To cause less oil to be fed, turn it to the
right, screwing in.

The sight glass at the point where the oil
pipe enters the gear case at the front of
the motor allows the flow of oil to be
observed. When the motor is throttled down
to very low speed, the oil feed should be at
the rate of about 15 drops per minute, or
one drop per revolution of the mechanical

The mechanical oil pump will take care of
lubrication at all ordinary speeds and for
normal conditions. When riding at high
speed, or racing, oil is burned very
rapidly, however, and additional oil should
be supplied at regular intervals with the
auxiliary oil valve, located under the left
side of the tank below the oil filler cap.

The valve should be opened fully for about
ten seconds in each mile when riding wide
open, as this will allow sufficient extra
oil to pass through to maintain the proper
level in the motor base

You should probably get a copy of that
manual. Several people sell reprints of it,
but if you are a member of the Antique
Motorcycle Club of America, you can download
it for free starting here:

Mark Hunnibell

Ok, I got it running. Only ran it for a few
seconds, sounds great. Can anybody give me
some info on how to check oil pressure?
Looks like has a pump on front and 2 oil
lines. One goes up to a sight glass and
connects right above cam on front cover ( I
dont see any oil pass through sight glass).
Other oil line goes back mid point of oil
pan. Tried to post pic, mot sure if it
loaded. Help much appreciated. Thanks

I have a 1919 Z. Good spark and carb looks
good. Ready to see if she will fire up. How
do you check / set oil level on this engine?
Motorcycle mechanic / machinist many years
but first time owned Henderson 4. Any other
tips before crank, been sitting for years.