From:graeme staples
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Oil Level, First Time Crank Up Date:Tue May 16 07:13:58 2017
Response to:6581

there is no oil pressure, the oil pump simply drips a few
times a minute onto the timing gears, if you get this rate
right it's enough oil to keep the total loss motor supplied
with enough oil, there's another oil line goes direct to
the engine, the lever on this is down when off and
horizontal when on, this is to add oil stright into the
cases, when needed.
on the right side of the motor is a tap, this is your oil
level guage. each time you ride the bike you should drain
the surplus oil using this tap, i've done several thousand
miles on my bike and got it so it doesn't exude much from
there at all, ie the right amount going in for the usage.
also keep a good eye on the level for the first few runs,
as some has to go into the gearbox too, it will catch on
the flywheel and is on a one way trip to fill the housing
until it's full then it will self level with the rest of
the stuff., make sense? please post piccies