From:Tom Wilcock
Subject:RE: RE: Oil Level, First Time Crank Up Date:Tue May 16 06:22:48 2017
Response to:6580
I am not familiar with early models but I would think it would be good to remove the highest oil line and fill it with oil using a pump type oil can first. This would also help prime the oil pump before starting it.

Ok, I got it running. Only ran it for a few
seconds, sounds great. Can anybody give me
some info on how to check oil pressure?
Looks like has a pump on front and 2 oil
lines. One goes up to a sight glass and
connects right above cam on front cover ( I
dont see any oil pass through sight glass).
Other oil line goes back mid point of oil
pan. Tried to post pic, mot sure if it
loaded. Help much appreciated. Thanks

I have a 1919 Z. Good spark and carb looks
good. Ready to see if she will fire up. How
do you check / set oil level on this engine?
Motorcycle mechanic / machinist many years
but first time owned Henderson 4. Any other
tips before crank, been sitting for years.