From:Ken Lee
Subject:RE: 1930 Super X Date:Wed Apr 26 05:13:10 2017
Response to:6558
Hello Kirk , stick with it , they are a nice bike to ride , broken valves should prove no problem . You should be able to find something similar and modify to suit . So nice to have one that's been languishing in a shed or similar for a long time and great to get it running and riding again ! Got any pics to put on here ? Or go onto the yahoo groups Excelsior -< >- ask on there too . Best wishes with your project . Ken(1929 Super X)

I have a 1930 Super X. I am the 2nd owner. She has a stuck & broke exhaust valve. Last year she ran was 1944. I have the original title and instruction booklet. Love to get it running but had no luck and finding help. Considering selling it