From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Tires Date:Thu Apr 6 10:43:09 2017
Response to:6537

Thanks guys.

I know this is a little like asking "what is the best
oil", but there aren't that many tire/tyre alternatives.

I may be rethinking my decision for my next rear tire!

Here in the US, I've found that
has pretty good prices on tires. Any other good places
to shop?
I usually check here first:

Not always the cheapest but good pricing and if buying a
set I've found the front or rear may be more or less at
any given store, meaning the prices tend to average out
pretty close. Excellent service as they drop ship from
the nearest warehouse.
Good selection and carry nearly everything.
The other good place to check for vintage sized tires is
Heidenau. Popular with the vintage racing crowd.