From:Gene Harper
Subject:RE: 1930 KJ Date:Tue Apr 4 22:25:48 2017
Response to:6534

I don't know about the KJ but Deluxe and Series 20 X used the
ammeter as the ground connection. A wire ran from the battery
- terminal to the longer insulated stud on the back of the
ammeter, through the meter to the shorter non insulated stud
on the back of the meter. The ammeter bracket is grounded to
the chassis through the lock washers and screws into the
frame. This was standard from 1920 at least until the "dash"
assembly came out, 27 ish (?) Makes sense to do this because
it saves about 3 feet of wire per motorcycle so if you made
5000 machines that year, that's 15,000 feet of copper wire
saved. Schwinn was a miser......

finishing up my KJ project. can someone tell me where the
factory connected the ground wire from the battery. we are
looking at the seat mount bolt, or if it should go elsewhere.
thanks, from wisconsin, brad