From:Jeff Roth
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Looking for Indian Four basketcase Date:Mon Mar 20 16:31:30 2017
Response to:6519
Hi Doug. I had the privilege of riding Herb's over Wolf Creek Pass on the way to Durango, CO and a Rocky Mountain Road Run. Incredible torque and power, not to mention the sound. Here are the two Wichita bikes together, 12 cylinders and all.

I remember watching thst bike run, as well as Art Morra's
and Dick Winger's 6 cylinder Hendersons run.

Henderson Friends,

Still looking for an Indian Four pile. I am interested in
creating a skirted fender Six Cylinder Indian in tribute to
my fellow Wichita AMCA predecessors Herb Ottaway and Bud
Cox. I believe I have a frame located but really could use
an Indian Four pile in order to obtain the top end and other
engine parts that would be mated to reproduction cast upper
and lower cases, in that way not ruining any original Indian
Four cases. Have 3D modeled the six rod
crankshaft...camshaft to follow. Considering Iron Horse
Corral sheetmetal and a KIWI leaf spring fork. Any help
locating the donor bike parts would be appreciated. Will be
at Oley. for private messaging.

1940-1942 skirted fender model...basket case project sought.
Any leads appreciated. Reach me by private email Sorry for the non-Henderson
content. See you guys at Oley in about 2 months. Jeff