From:Dean Shellenberger
Subject:Searching for a Henderson Heathkit Conversion Date:Sun Mar 19 01:12:04 2017
I am brand new to your KJ Exchange and have learned a lot about you, by reading some of your posts. You folks are passionate. For display purposes, I am searching for a Henderson engine that was converted back-in-the-day for use in a Heathkit home-built airplane. I realize I am talking to motorcycle enthusiasts who would NOT alter a Henderson motorcycle engine to build an airplane. The fact is, this practice was very much part of Henderson's history, like it or not. I like both early aviation and early motorcycles. I ride a 48 Indian Big Chief but one day want to enjoy a KJ for the same reasons you all have them.

So, to re-cap my request - I am searching for a crusty, left-for-dead, Heath conversion Henderson engine that is not likely to ever run again (certainly not in a motorcycle), for historical display purposes. I don't expect to find one with all the run-able accessories, but a stripped-down version from the teens, would be ideal.