Subject:RE: 1924/5 K1000 complete engine for sale Date:Sat Jan 7 01:40:42 2017
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I uploaded more pictures of KJ1000 engine, K1000 top case alone and Indian/Ace cut engine. If you need pictures of complete K1000 engine Pls let me know.

Please email me with any questions and offers.

Late 1924(11/29/24) K1000 W engine for sale

Complete minus Carb.

comes with kicker, magneto, intake manifold and exhaust headers.

Piston #3 was partially melted and comes with the OEM used replacement piston.

Transmission shifts fine so its not frozen

located in San Jose California.

taking offers over 14k

I have almost complete KJ1000 Deluxe engine as well and Indian/Ace bottom case engine parts.