From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: K model or Deluxe front end wanted Date:Thu Dec 8 20:33:41 2016
Response to:6411
Who's a hoarder?? I resemble that comment.

Hello Gene, I wish I could help you with the 20
Series/Henderson fork but we're about 25 years too late. I
got 3 complete forks from Charlie Carter when we traded my
'32 Indian 4, for his superfluous Series 20 motorcycle
project, and a big pile killer X stuff. I'm not trying to
rub anything in, just reflecting on the good ole' days in
the '90s when the old hoarders were dying off, and the new
hoarders were circling, and feeding on the remains. I sold
those forks to Dirk Mckinny, and Jay Zanetti and didn't get
more that $250 each. We were fortunate to have the interest,
and passion at the right time, but totally devoid of vision
for how ape-sh!t this hobby would get. Glad we had fun when
we did, and never turned into the vampires that we now have
to wear Crosses, and garlic around our necks to avoid. If I
come across a fork, or parts, you'll be the first I contact.
Merry Christmas.

I'm looking for any or all parts to make up a front end that
fits a K model or Deluxe, so 1920-27 I believe. This
includes the following:
Forks with springs and spring cap
Wheel or hub, either ball bearing or Timken style
Headlight and brackets
Horn and bracket

So, basically everything! This is to complete yet another
Series 20 Excelsior. Any help is appreciated! Any usable
condition is fine.

Please email me at: if you have any
spares, or know of some available.