From:Dan Dwyer
Subject:RE: Early Ace Parts WTB (or Trade) Date:Tue Dec 6 15:54:36 2016
Response to:6408
All 3 parts have been sourced - and ALL trader for.
(How cool is that?... To be able to help each other out).

Also got to make contact with some pretty great Ace/Henderson folks in the process.
(Everyone, please keep my name and #, and if I can assist in the future, don't hesitate to call me.)

With that said, to the guys that run this board:
Thanks so much for the forum.
I really find it valuable.

Kind Regards to All,


Looking for a few parts for my '22 Ace project:

- Exhaust Manifold Guard

- Brake Band Supporting Arm (the "L" shaped arm that connects to the axle via spacer)

- Magneto Cut-Out Cable Bracket (connects to cylinders)

Parts certainly do not have to be perfect...
Doing a period piece, so crusted/rusted is actually preferred.

Cash Buyer, or have some other Ace parts to trade.
(Trans stuff, bearings, other... Let me know what you are looking for.)

Please shoot me an e-mail if you have anything.
Thanks, Guys!
Dan Dwyer