From:Chris Bastiaansen
Subject:RE: RE: fuel tank Date:Fri Nov 18 15:17:10 2016
Response to:6386
Thanks, Peter, appriciate your help, but I found a complete new repro tank, promissed by the seller that is fits perfect and is just like an original, I think Im going for that. The seller responded to my message. He has the dies to pres the both halfs and solder them together. however I go for that and again thanks for your help, if anybody is interested I will give his name. Chris

Chris, I have just unsoldered my 1921 fuel tank and had it tin dipped so that I
can repair it (makes for a superior soldering surface). If I can help you with
dimensions or anything while it is apart I would be glad to assist. Drawings etc?

Dear Henderson fellows, looking for a Henderson K model 1920 fuel tank, does
anybody know who makes these or even better, where they lay on the shelve,
thanks for your help, Chris