From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: 1920 Ace (Bonhams Auction) Date:Mon Sep 19 15:47:36 2016
Response to:6345
I rather doubt this Ace has a repop frame based on the age
of the restoration. The number shown on the frame axle
plate was clearly added on. This being an English
registered motorcycle may be the reason. It may have needed
a frame number to obtain registration in the UK, so one was

Here is Pic...
(I hope.)

Below was a post (Post 6339) about a 1920 Ace being
auctioned by Bonhams.
Just FYI - Says SOLD for $70,189 Inc. Prem.

I was doing some research and was closely looking at the
pics provided...

I enlarged a pic of the rear frame portion, and saw this

This is clearly not an Ace frame number.
Can anyone explain this?
(Ace frame numbers were stamped under seat.)

Is this a re-pop frame from back in the day?

Anybody have any thoughts?

(Link to the auction is: