From:graeme staples
Subject:ioe henderson idling Date:Wed Sep 14 02:14:15 2016
i have had my bike running for twenty years and never been able to get her idling right down low, motor is perfect inside, mag rebuilt and even sent the carbie overseas to get rebuilt.over the years i've sometimes had the fibre block in the berling mag that goes between the outside housing 'cam' operation to drive the points, and the points get tight and not float well. The other day i pulled out the pin that it sits on and it was a little rusty, odd as i've always kept this greased, grabbed another mag to get a pivot from (which i decided not to use and cleaned up the other one, and a little spring came out with the fibre block. yes i'd seen a hole previously in the fibre block but never given it much thought. i put the existing pin/pivot back in my mag, with my original fibre block and fitted the spring, she now ticks over like God himslef had tuned her.
Just letting others know to keep an eye out for this.