From:Doug strange
Subject:RE: Ride My Henderson Date:Sat Aug 6 22:26:20 2016
Response to:6279
I rode KJ about 50 miles today, partially in the rain. And guess what? I
didn't run out of gas.

For the Independence Day celebration, I thought a ride on my 1931
Henderson was in order. I finished mowing the yard and had enough time
before a lunch engagement to take a quick ride in the back country lanes
near my home. It would only be 5 miles each way. On the return leg of my
short ride, the bike started to miss while going up a long steep hill. Oh, oh.
I ran out of gas. The little bit that was in the tank was behind the petcock
while going up the hill, and the right tank was left empty from the winter. I
tried to nurse it over the top of the ridge so I could make it back home but
no luck. It stalled right in the middle of the steep run. No phone and no
wallet didn't help anything. It was a short ride after all. So I backed it down
to a house to beg for a splash of gas. No one home. The next 3 homes,
the same thing. Finally about a 1/3 mile away, I got someone home. They
didn't have any gas! I had to wait for someone to come along with some
gas to save the day. Should have stayed home.