From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: Super X Racer Ready for Wauseon Date:Mon Jul 11 10:06:05 2016
Response to:6297
What a great video !! Well done !

Hello Henderson X people,
I have an extra Super X Racer, that I have raced at Wauseon a few times(1st pl
Heats, 3rd to 5th pl Mains). It came from Australia, and was raced there back in
the day. I did go through the motor, replaced the wheels, and swapped out the
hardware for original hardware where I could.
I have a brake and side-stand, so it could be used as a bobber bike.
Very fast, peppy, and all mechanicals, wheel bearings, etc, have been checked
See start up video here, if it does not work, search youtube for: 1925 Super X
Racer Board Track Start Up, and it's the green:
See racing video at Wauseon here, or search youtube Wauseon Board Track 2011

Thanks Dave H.,
Inquires to, delivery to Wauseon or other? Shipping no