From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Memories - RE: Ride My Henderson Date:Tue Jul 5 09:53:06 2016
Response to:6281
Every time you go down that lane, you'll fondly recall your Independence Day ride.


My fond memory of Oley 2016: One of the rear brake fluid lines on my truck decided to explode on the way to Oley. My Henderson really only has a rear brake, so I figured my truck only needs front brakes. Truck, trailer and two bikes made it to the fairgrounds, and hence to my accomodations in Mertztown.

Early Thursday morning, I decided I really ought to get it fixed. Kistler's in Mertztown said he was booked up for the day, maybe tomorrow, not sure. I got the impression this guy is happy to have one job a day, and unplanned customers would mess up his fishin' plans.

The other place in Mtown hadn't opened for the day. The kind lady at Boyer's Store near Dryville suggested Larry Dey or Christman's down Pricetown Road. Christman's mainly does body work, and didn't have a mechanic on duty. Larry Dey's well-equipped and well-staffed shop was "booked until Monday", meaning he didn't want my dirty, low-profit business.

Sterner's Used Cars on 5 Points Road took pity on this wayward pilgrim. His mechanic didn't start work until 9:30, and it took an hour or so to get parts and do the repair. Two hours and $100 later, I was out the door.

Mr. Sterner, and his sister Pat, who runs the office, and I yakked and yakked throughout the ordeal. Really nice people. If you're ever broke down in Mertztown, PA...

Doug - if you're ever out that way, stop by and tell them the guy from Virginia with the beat-up black pickup truck with the busted brake fluid line says "Thank You".


On July 1 (Canada's Independence Day), I was pfutzing around out in the shed, when a cute young 21-year old girl walks up my driveway and asks if she could borrow a gallon of gas. I obligingly obliged by filling her Ducati's tank. We had a pleasant, but all too short, conversation, and then she donned her helmet and rode out of my life...