From:Girard Fox
Subject:Henderson DeLuxe vs. Indian Four Who Won at TROG? Date:Thu Jun 9 11:20:21 2016
The Race of Gentlemen has literally changed my life! I can't even express just how thrilling it has been to race my 1922 Henderson DeLuxe down the beach
at Wildwood, N.J. for the second year in a row! It truly is "The Greatest Race on Earth". Without a doubt, I can say it is the most fun I've ever had on a motorcycle, and I've been riding for 36 years.

I just want to once again thank Dave Molnar for his meticulous and skillful engine build, he handled the work on this machine like it was his own! And I
don't mind saying that this bike Really Rips!

Please consider entering YOUR four-cylinder machine in next-year's TROG....
The sand Washes Off! We desperately need a Class to race in!

Dennis Brilla is one of the finest gentlemen I've met in the world of old motorbikes....he brought his beautiful 1933 Indian Four. And who won the
big battle of the Fours? The picture tells the story!