From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: RE: spin on filter grief Date:Mon May 23 10:55:13 2016
Response to:6229
Thanks for the reply.I believe it is spring loaded. I temporarily solved the
problem by removing the filter. Nice weather , I want to ride !


My apologies for not being fluent on Indian oil system design.
What type of pressure relief valve does it have?
Is it a orifice or a spring loaded poppet valve?
If it's an orifice, it will not modulate to compensate for changes in viscosity,
therefore developing excessive pressure during cold starts.
I am running an "old iron" spin on remote on my Deluxe and it has never given
me any problems however on my Indian 4 the same setup has been trouble from
the getgo when starting from cold it often blows the gasket. There is so much
pressure build up it has bent filters internally. I am working on a solution but am
not keen to lower the engine pressure as it seems to be spot on running at 50
pounds ay highway speed. Has anyone else had this problem?