From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Beer Date:Tue Mar 15 08:48:27 2016
Response to:6133
The retired mechanic retired his motorcycle and then retired for the evening.

(Thanks to Click and Clack The Tappet Brothers for that one).

Doug, since you are a research chemist, you should be able to find some chemical to remove the extraneous wording from that glass. And heck, shouldn't a research chemist be brewing his own beer? Better Living Through Chemistry!

This is a Henderson website, but us proud owners of Bill and Tom's first-born children should make some allowances for those "born on the wrong side of the blanket" Aces.

But those plain ole bastard Indian Fours should slink about somewhere else...

P.S. Doug - you must have charmed the pants off that bar maid - I always had to get my beer glasses the old-fashioned way - steal them.


Tired of, not tired if. Tired just the same.

OK I'm tired if the ACE dribble here. Is it about time for the ACE snobs to
move off the Henderson site and run their own blog site? You don't see the
Indian 4 guys holding on to the apron here.

Tonight I found the perfect beer. However, I didn't notice how grungy the
glass was until I was done. But the bar maid let me take the glass home.