From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Henderson Bicycle Date:Wed Feb 10 18:19:58 2016
Response to:6070
I kick myself with the memory that I didn't pick up a
Henderson bicycle locally in a bicycle shop. It was only
$40 or $50 back then (1980's). I know of another nice one
but the guy wants $800. Times have changed. Meanwhile I
have 4 Reading Standard bicycles and a Black Beauty that was
marketed by the owners of Ace.

Restore this--no way Hozay!! MF


Hello everyone: Anyone know much about these Henderson
square badge
Schwinns? This is a great barn find; a real survivor. I
would date it
1919/1920 just after the acquisition of Henderson by
Schwinn. Not for sale
but I would like more information about it. Thanks MF

I don't think I can add much to what you already know about
your bicycle,
except to say, that frame configuration is well documented
in the catalog
archive, but has rarely been seen in actuality.
Super rare bike in what looks like a wonderful as found
I know the temptation will be for a full dress restore, but
with bicycles,
original condition is everything.
Its made it this far without modification. Why tamper with
it now?
Great find!