From:Peter Findlay
Subject:RE: RE: Splitdorf EU4 mag Date:Tue Feb 9 12:52:24 2016
Response to:6064
Thanks, Erik. I have a Bosch DU4 on my '13 and I've seen them on some '14s. But the 1914 Henderson sales brochure (shown on page 65 of Schultz's original book) says the '14 Hendersons use Splitdorf. It doesn't say which model. The '15 brochure doesn't name the magneto.

I've just checked the Henderson parts book 1912 - 1916 and it lists a Splitdorf for 1914, with a note suggesting that it could be either Bosch, Splitdorf, or Berling. For 1915 it just lists Berling. I guess 1914 was a transition year and the Splitdorf experiment didn't work out.

I'd still be interested to know if the Splitdorf used was a model EU-4.


what i know it is 1914 Bosch DU4
1915 is Berling N44
best erik

I have a Splitdorf EU4 mag. Can anyone confirm that this is the model used on '14 - '15 Hendersons?